Total Healthcare - The medications that make you well

Health care today has advanced and so have the medications that make you well.

We have information about pharmacies to provide the medications you need as prescribed by your doctor and they are readily available in name brand and generic form. Whether you're a Total HealthCare patient or not, your new or refill prescription is filled easily and conveniently by our licensed pharmacists, usually within 20 minutes. We work closely with your physician to determine the best medication for your needs. Our state-of-the-art system allows your physician to send the order electronically so we can have it ready when you arrive. We are contracted with different pharmacy plans, and our low-cost prescriptions are readily available to the uninsured in the area.

Our doctors provide preventive services including annual physical exams, immunizations and screenings. When you are sick, we are able to provide diagnosis and treatment in a timely fashion. We also work with you to manage serious diseases like diabetes, asthma, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. We manage these health problems through nutrition counseling and education, as well as medications. We can help to find online pharmacy that has most antibiotics and daily medications making it easy and convenient for you.

Women have special health needs that are different from men. From pregnancy to childbirth and breastfeeding to menopause and everything in between, our experts diagnose and treat women's issues with care and compassion. We see many women each year for routine physical exams and health screenings, family planning and pregnancy, and other female health problems. We provide education and support for all stages of your pregnancy.

Some of the health conditions and diseases that affect men can be prevented, and early detection and treatment of certain conditions can increase your chances of having a longer, more productive life. Usually, men choose not to see a doctor, especially for yearly exams. We recommend annual physicals, which include screenings for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart issues and prostate and urological concerns. We also connect you to experts who offer colon cancer screenings, mental health services and insurance assistance if needed. Buying medications at our pharmacy is quick and easy.

A bad cough or fever is an emergency at any hour. We know there's no right time to get sick or injured. From asthma to the flu and bronchitis to minor cuts, we care for you and your family.

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